Reconsidering Conventions

Jane Rule's Writing and Sexual Identity in North American Feminist Theory and Fiction

von Christina Strobel
ISBN: 978-3-89639-164-3
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Beiträge zur Kanadistik, Band 9 (Hrsg. Gesellschaft für Kanada-Studien)
  • 346 Seiten, Paperback
  • Format 24,0 x 17,0 cm
  • 1. Auflage
  • Erscheinungsdatum: 18.06.1999

Focussing on Jane Rule, a pioneer of lesbian literature, this study offers the first in-depth analysis of Rule's novels.
It investigates how various types of interventions in the hegemonic order - affirmation and empowerment, subversion, refiguring subjectivity - always negotiate resistance and affirmation.
Rule's peers discussed in this study include Gloria Anzaldúa, June Arnold, Louky Bersianik, Nicole Brossard, Rita Mae Brown, Bertha Harris, Audre Lorde, Daphne Marlatt, Minnie Bruce Pratt, Joanna Russ, Sheila Ortiz Taylor, and Monique Wittig.
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