Reading(s) from a Distance

European Perspectives on Canadian Women's Writing

von Charlotte Sturgess, Martin Kuester (Hrsg.)
ISBN: 978-3-89639-618-1
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Studies in Anglophone Literatures und Cultures, Band 2 (Hrsg. Prof. Dr. Martin Kuester)
  • 268 Seiten, Paperback
  • Format 23,0 x 15,5 cm
  • 1. Auflage
  • Erscheinungsdatum: 07.03.2008

This volume is a joint venture of the Canadian Studies Centres of the universities of Strasbourg and Marburg, bringing together scholars from Austria, Britain, France, Germany, Hungary, Spain and Canada. It approaches Canadian women's writing from a variety of critical perspectives:
•Europe and Canada: Sightings, Circulations and the Relevance of Perspective
•Art, Landscape, Discourse
•History, Nation, Representation
•Gender, Genre, Textual Strategies
•Filiations, Connections, Métissages
•Space, Process, Revision
•Transcultural Negotiations, Textual Configurations
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